E4 – Sam Roddick – Life as a disobedient woman

Samantha Roddick

“I was literally born out of the womb of a lineage of disobedient women” – Sam Roddick

Episode 4 – Samantha Roddick – Death, Sex and Activism

Life as a disobedient woman.

In this episode Amisha sits down with activist, artist, provocateur and entrepreneur Samantha Roddick. Sam is the founder of lingerie brand and sex shop Coco De Mer.

Sam was a major contributor to The Future is Beautiful book, for which she wrote the afterword. Amisha and Sam discuss how to live in balance as an activist, the illusion of individual success and the difference between values and politics. They go on to explore the personal and cultural landscapes of sexuality and death – reflecting on the birth-like initiatory ripples and bio-rhythms of grief and Sam’s early education in feminist sexual politics.

Sam is the daughter of activist and entrepreneur Anita Roddick, who founded The Body Shop, which was the first ethical business of such a scale. She speaks about her parents, their parents and the family dynamics that cultivate activism and a strong sense of justice. We hear how both Sam and her mother embraced the idea of education through entrepreneurship. Anita Roddick turned her shops into classrooms and  Sam highlights how this fits with the intention and inspiration behind her own high street business.

Together Sam and Amisha take a deep dive into two of life’s greatest taboos – sex and death. Sam’s exploration of sexuality and politics is a lifelong work of great richness and she shares some key moments from the journey. Neither woman is a stranger to death either. They reflect together on the profound pain and transformational learning of their own experiences, as well as the perspectives, rituals and narratives surrounding death and suicide in different cultures.

“It’s the beauty of healing that you can be shattered and then reform yourself in a much more beautiful and permanent mosaic of who you are.” – Sam Roddick

*As soon as we are allowed to do so we will post a link to Sam’s new film project – watch this space!

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