E7 – Satish Kumar – Soil, Soul and Society: A new trinity for our time

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“Become the CEO of your own life… Earn less money, have more time. Consume less, buy less, have less possessions. Have good food… You cannot have a happy life on a bad diet. Everything else simple. Elegant simplicity…Walk to work, and work less.” – Satish Kumar

Episode 7 – Satish Kumar – Jainism, Economy and Ecology

Soil, Soul and Society: A new trinity for our time.

How to live as a pilgrim, embracing elegant simplicity to find fellowship with all life.


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About this interview:


In this episode Amisha sits down with Satish Kumar, who is the originator and co-founder of Schumacher College, editor of Resurgence magazine, a former monk and a global activist.

Together they discuss his childhood as part of a Jain monastic order and the encounter with death which began his spiritual education. He shares the story of walking out of monastic life in the middle of the night and, subsequently, walking on for 8000 miles without money and without fear – from the birthplace of Ghandi to four nuclear capitals of the western world – as a pilgrim for peace. 

Satish explores in detail the Jain philosophy of nonviolence which underpins his way of being in the world and gives advice for stressed urbanites on how to live life as a pilgrim rather than a commuter – explaining why we would benefit from all working only 3 days a week, and how domestic clutter equates to violence against nature and ourselves. He gives guidance on how we can cultivate trust as a practise in our everyday lives, as a strategy to gradually overcome fear, leading to a healing of the separation between ourselves and the living world around us.

Satish understands on a deep level that we are all one human community and speaks of the experiences that nurtured this world view in him. In order to return humanity to the feeling of fellowship with all life, Satish has put forward what he calls “a new trinity for our time” in his recent book ‘Soil, Soul and Society’. He shares with Amisha how the ideas expounded in this work are put into action at Schumacher College and the Small School where gardening, cooking, cleaning and craftsmanship are revered and people learn by an education of head, heart and hands all together.

“We have misunderstood or lost the meaning of the word economy…How all living things are interconnected and support each other and how to manage all of that without any diminishment of species or resources. The word economy is a twin word with ecology… Ecology means knowledge of home. If you don’t know your home, how are you going to manage it?” – Satish Kumar

To find out more about Satish Kumar, visit Resurgence Magazine.

To connect or work with Amisha Ghadiali, visit www.amisha.co.uk


Resources from this episode:

Books by Satish Kumar including: No Destination: Autobiography of a Pilgrim, You Are, Therefore I Am: A Declaration of DependenceSpiritual Compass: The Three Qualities of Life and Soul, Soil, Society: a new trinity for our time.

Schumacher College

Resurgence Magazine 

The Small School

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