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We want to make something beautiful which is about people not products.

After a wonderful series one of the podcast (with great listenership, reviews and making our entry into the itunes charts) we are working on raising $1555 a month so that the costs of the sound editor, and show notes writer is covered for Series Two. It just takes the equivalent of you listening to donate the cost of a cup of tea or a glass of wine you might drinks whilst listening. 

“Amisha holds the rare quality of always asking the difficult questions – I am inspired by her fearlessness in facing whatever is real and true, her softness in holding the space for whatever arises, and her courageous authenticity in everything she does. I am proudly supporting this podcast project – bringing to the fore the conversations that are needed to birth the beautiful future we are all longing for.” Gavin, Listener


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Some Reviews:

“Interesting, mind-expanding on so many levels. They give me such a hopeful sense of the creativity and caring and brilliance of your generation of dedicated activists and thinkers.” Sally Kempton

“Flow! Listening to this podcast has given me many moments of insightful wonder and ‘Aha!’ moments where something comes together and makes sense. It is so refreshing to hear a podcast that feels embodied and also creates space for the full spectrum of being and feeling. I feel as though Amisha does a wonderful job of hosting in a way that feels easy to connect with her humanness. I recently listened to the episode of Flow consciousness with Justin Faerman and it really opened up a lot of insights, and so I have been sharing it with many friends. Highly recommend this podcast and appreciate all the love and energy that is being poured into it!” Alana, UK

“Inspiring and Refreshing! Anyone interested in original, creative, groundbreaking ideas should be listening to every episode of this podcast. not only is it a joy to listen to because Amisha’s hosting, flow, and perspectives are refreshing, relatable, and enlightening, but also the guests are all interesting and doing exciting things. Overall after every episode I feel inspired with new ideas and also importantly, creative ways to implement them in my own life.” Greg, USA

“Amazing podcast series! I have listened to a few of these; and they are so deep and resonate with my own life and experiences. I really appreciate that depth and width of both guests and the topics covered. The conversations feel natural and have a lovely real flow and unfolding to them; which is so rare in the age of scripted sound bites. I am so pleased that the podcasts cover and give space and time to so many of the compelling and relevant issues around in the world, also in a sensitive, grounded and intelligent way. The series is a breathe of ‘real authentic’ air on issues that are important. Thank you, great to see the all female team.” Kato, New Zealand

“My go to podcast. There is no doubt that we are living in challenging times and sometimes it is hard to find hope and beauty as we look to the future. As a parent of two young children, who is professionally and personally committed to creating a better future, this podcast offers me wisdom, truth, spirituality and companionship. I absolutely love Amisha’s varied and fascinating choice of guests, who she interviews with a depth and care that is truly unique in the podcast world. For me, this podcast is like a dear friend, who instinctively knows when to call when I am feeling down. Somehow the conversations each week are just what I need, just when I need them the most. Thank you to all the amazingly talented team who work tirelessly to bring us this gift each week and thank you to all the guests who have shared their insight and perspective on creating a beautiful future.” Becky, UK

“Absolutely essential listening. Enlightening, fearless and inspirational . Thank you Amisha, Lucy and Mary for creating these wonderful interviews. I listen and re listen. Thank you to you and all your contributors for helping me to face long hidden fears and confusion about our world, my place in it and where my real responsibilities lie.” Lola, UK

“Intimate discussions about practical and transformative ideas. As the year has progressed I have enjoyed these Podcasts more and more. The people chosen and the practical ideas they express, challenge convention to the roots of the old paradigm we have been used to. Amisha and her interviewees are futurists. The subtlety of what they are offering us cannot be explained in short soundbites, so I find I need to listen carefully and with patience to extract the meat from them, but Amisha brings out the best in all those she chooses for her discussions by creating an atmosphere of trust and intimacy. It is this quality that makes these podcasts compelling, enjoyable and transformatively educational. I can recommend them wholeheartedly.” Ardhan, Italy

“Always worth a listen! A m i s h a‘ s Podcast manages to speak to me not only through my ears but also through my heart. She manages to pinpoint important issues of our time without stepping into the trap of feeling hope- and useless. The interview partners and topics are wisely chosen and I appreciate a lot to not to be distracted by any advertisement. Thanks for what you do, Amisha!” Elke, Germany

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