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The Future Is Beautiful is all made with so much love and care, hours of work each week. It’s free to listen to so there are no barriers to this information, but it costs money to produce. We rely on you, members of our community, becoming a patron of what we do, so we can disrupt the model, stay advertising free and independent – not be tied into a funding model that compromises what we create. In this sense, we are co-creating the beautiful future.

Through you supporting, this allows those that can’t to receive access to all this wisdom that is shared.

If you have found anything that you heard or read as a result of The Future Is Beautiful useful or inspiring, please do support us by subscribing as a monthly Patron.

We want to make something beautiful which is about people not products.

After a wonderful three years of the podcast (with great listenership, reviews and making our entry into the itunes charts) we are working on raising $1555 a month so that the costs of the sound editor, and show notes writer is covered. We still have a way to go. Can you help us? 

“Amisha holds the rare quality of always asking the difficult questions – I am inspired by her fearlessness in facing whatever is real and true, her softness in holding the space for whatever arises, and her courageous authenticity in everything she does. I am proudly supporting this podcast project – bringing to the fore the conversations that are needed to birth the beautiful future we are all longing for.” Gavin, Patron


* Podcast – support the show and this movement by listening to the show, sharing it with friends, follow us on social media, leave us reviews, and sign up (below) for our newsletter so you can hear about new episodes first and our latest endeavours. You can also join our group so you can connect with other wonderful people in the community.

* Patron – our community of patrons make the show happen, your donations go to paying our team. We literally couldn’t do it without you. if you get inspired by the conversations we have, become a patron – monthly subscriptions are a game-changer for us. You also get to be part of our monthly patron calls and join the patron group. You decide how much to give – could be just $5 a month or you can sponsor whole episodes for $1000 a month. (You can choose your currency from GBP, USD or Euros).

* Presence – we created a membership platform for those that want to support each other in embodying the themes of the podcast. In Presence Collective – we share tools and practices, have a monthly theme, contemplation questions, a video workshop, meditations, community calls and chat group, and more. It’s a really beautiful and nourishing space to be a part of. When you join, you get access to all the past workshops. Some of the themes we have explored are Sacred Activism, Meditation, Living with the cycles of Life, Eco-Grief, Intuition, and Breath as Lifeforce. This is $40 a month. (With a big discount if you join for a year). You can pay with GBP or USD.

You can choose one of these ways to engage with the community – or all three. We absolutely love it when we get to know you.

If you would like to write to us – message Amisha through connect(at)


There are four ways you can support

(we love transparency!)



You can choose between one-off, monthly, or annual donations using the box below. Monthly are favourable for us as they allow us to plan our budgets. You can cancel anytime and donorbox is simple to use. There is an option to give in GBP, USD or EUR. There is a small processing fee on these stripe payments that we cover (or you can), this comes to approximately 4%.



We have a page on Patreon, you can find out about the different reward levels and become a patron there, the default currency there is USD, and they charge additional fees and tax. These amount to roughly 12% which we cover, and they will also charge you an additional 20% VAT on top of your chosen amount. Hence we recommend DonorBox.



If you wish to make an offline donation or a larger donation for example sponsoring a whole episode, please contact us directly and we can do this through a bank transfer to save on processing fees.



If you would like to support us and become more active in this community and can donate time and skills rather than money, that’s great. We need support with getting the word out about the podcast, and running our events. You can also send us your guest ideas. Email us for more information.



Presence Collective: For Creative, Connected and Courageous Living is our sister project which offers a community space to dive deeper into the themes with support and practical guidance and many other aspects. It’s a wonderful thin to be a part of – and through it Amisha is able to dedicate more time to the podcast. You can join here.





We know this is about giving and being part of the podcast we are creating, not what you get back, but as a patron you receive:

  • An invitation to our monthly “ask me anything” live video calls with the other patrons and amisha (these calls are beautiful!)
  • Access to our community chat group just for patrons where you can connect and get to know others that value the themes in this show.
  • Get behind the scenes stories on the interviews
  • Receive invites to any live events before they go public
  • Gain access to the online folder where Amisha shares meditations, yoga classes, and other gifts such as The Future Is Beautiful ebook and the visualisation
  • Know that you are making this podcast happen!


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