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Think Act Vote at the Latitude Festival 2010

Design Story Teller: Leonora Oppenheim

The photos of the Latitude festival 2010 are up on Think Act Vote’s facebook page. To find and tag yourself, check the Facebook Album- Latitude Festival.

You also have a chance to be in our book ‘The Future I Choose’. Just send in photos of you & your friends in your Think Act Vote t-shirts for us to add to the Facebook Album – Out & About.  All these photos will also be passed on to our editor to select for the book!

Send Us  E-mail to info@thinkactvote.org or post to Think Act Vote wall.

And don’t forget to send us your words – What’s The Future You Choose?

“The Future I Choose is one where all designers use their considerable creative skills for the greater good, to produce beautiful, useful and sustainable products and systems for all to enjoy.” Leonora Oppenheim, Elio Studio – Design Storyteller. Currently on adventures with Creative Data, TreeHugger, Cool Hunting + Royal College of Art.

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