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Help Us Enter The Green Awards

We want to enter the Green Awards 2010 (we think winning an award could help us get funding to carry on next year) As you know ?!X is a 100% voluntary project at present.

The reduced entry free which we are eligible for is £146.87 (including VAT) and so we are looking for donations that can help us enter.

Depending on how much we can raise will depend on what category we enter. We would be happy to enter in one category, but there are 5 we can enter.

Best Green Educational Project, Best Third Sector campaignBest Green PR campaignBest Use of online media and Best Mixed media.

We have until this Friday to enter. So your donations this week are very much appreciated. We will keep you informed with what we get. Also let us know if you would like us to enter a particular category with your money.

Click on the link below to make a donation via paypal.

Donate to Think Act Vote

Many Thanks, ?!X

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