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Futures Illustration – Illustrating Rain

Futures Interview Header

We thought we would refresh our banner for our Futures Interview series and so asked our illustrator Kiran Patel of Illustrating Rain to create something for us. It is based on an abstract pattern that is ever evolving as the project progresses and the impact it has on more and more people.

artwork by Kiran Patel/Illustrating Rain - www.cargocollective.com/illustratingrain

The illustration below is her interpretation of our Futures Project.

Think Act Vote (?!X) by Kiran Patel/Illustrating Rain

And this one includes all of our questions for The Futures Interview.

Futures Interview Questions by Kiran Patel/Illustrating Rain

You can find out more about Kiran Patel and her work at her website – Illustrating Rain

Follow her on twitter @IllustratingR

Kiran also illustrated Ada Zanditon’s Future, you can see that here.
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