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The Future Is Beautiful LIVE Sessions // As we vision a new normal

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The Future Is Beautiful Live Sessions // As we vision a new normal

As we make our way towards Series Four, we wanted to take some time to connect LIVE and be together as we make sense (or sit in this uncertainty) of what a new normal is in a post Corona world.

Our first few episodes of this new series will come from excerpts of these conversations that we are hosting now. Before we bring new guests to the show, we wanted to open up space for the wisdom of our patrons, and connect back with some of our guests from previous episodes.

We have been building a community over ten years now, three with the podcast – and rely on patron support and Amisha donating her time (and often money) to keep this show alive. We know how important these conversations have been to many of you. If you can support the show at this time by becoming a patron, joining presence collective and/or buying a ticket for one of these live sessions – it will be a massive help! And so much value for you too. All links below.

As we live through these extraordinary times, it’s so important to remember that we create the future, we offer these live spaces so we may co-create this new paradigm together.



LIVE around the fire with Jyoti, Mac Macartney & Nick Mulvey // Stories, Songs and prayers – Wednesday 27th May

8-9.30pm BST, 12-1.30pm PDT, 3-4.30PM EDT, 10-11.30pm EAT

Join us for this beautiful time together “around the fire” where we will hear from our beloved elders and storytellers – Jyoti (E68) and Mac Macartney (E61). Both Jyoti and Mac have extraordinary personal stories of inner transformation and building community. They have both spent time with indigenous tribes and are storytellers that take you into a heart space. They will be sharing their perspective on this moment we are in, and their wisdom and guidance. In the last half hour we will open up to everyone present to share poems, songs and prayers. We have a special guest to start the sharing around the fire, as singer songwriter Nick Mulvey (E63) will perform his new song, Begin Again.


* Book your place for our LIVE with Jyoti, Mac and Nick, here.

The video of the whole conversation will be sent out to all who register. Excerpts will form an upcoming episode of the podcast.


Live with Sacha Stone and Mallence Bart-Williams // What is behind the masks? – Friday 29th May 

9-10.15am UK, 4-5.30pm Bali, 1.30-3pm New Delhi

Have you been questioning the mainstream media narrative on this pandemic? Are you concerned about the idea of mandatory vaccinations (and their ingredients list) and having many of our freedoms taken away during this time? For a conversation on what has been happening and what it means for the future, we will be in conversation with our guests Sacha Stone (E31) and Mallence Bart-Williams (E24). Both have been speaking out for many years about the research they have been doing and what they have uncovered. Both have had their social media channels censored during the past two months. In this conversation we will explore what being sovereign in a global pandemic means and how to centre your health, freedom and discern some of the narratives that are popular at this time. Both Sacha and Mallence are plugged into what is happening in many developing countries right now and will be offering us a perspective that is not what is being told on news in western countries.


* Book you place for LIVE with Sacha and Mallence, here.

The video of the whole conversation will be sent out to all who register. Excerpts will form an upcoming episode of the podcast.



Live with Sally Kempton // Uncertainty, Impermanence & Deep Practice for Radical Times – Wednesday May 20th 


8-9.30pm BST, 12-1.30pm PDT, 3-4.30PM EDT, 10-11.30pm EAT


Join renowned and luminous spiritual teacher Sally Kempton, (and our guest from E8) for this special webinar where we will explore themes of solitude, uncertainty and impermanence. As the world begins to re-open, we will be asking Sally to share her experiences and wisdom on re-emerging into an uncertain future and changing world. She was a Swami for twenty years in India until 2002 when she began teaching independently and wrote the books Meditation for the Love of It and Awakening Shakti. She is one of our beloved living teachers holding the tantric lineage. Sally has an exquisite presence, she is known for her ability to transmit inner experience through transformative practices and contemplation. She will guide us into meditation practice, with deep transmissions of the heart. There will be space for some questions from those present.


* Book your place for our LIVE with Sally Kempton, here.

This event has now passed. The video is available for all members of presence


Live with Patrons // Community Wisdom – Saturday May 16th 


3-4.30pm BST, 7-8.30am PDT, 10AM EDT, 7PM IST

Our first episode of this series will feature the voices of some of our amazing patrons. We want to hear what this past couple of months has been like for you, what has inspired you, what do you vision for a new normal, what have you learnt, where have you grown, what have you experienced in your community?

We have some incredible people who are patrons of the show, and so we know this will be a good one! To join this call, you simply need to become a patron of the show, and then you will be sent details of how to join the video call.


* Book you place for this LIVE with our patrons, here.

If you missed this and are a patron (or become one) you can email in your contribution by May 24th. The episode will be live on May 28th.

This event has now passed.

We are currently organising 5 more LIVE events with our guests Manish Jain, Charles Eisenstein, Bayo Akomolafe, Nina Simons, Stephanie Mines, Zerbanoo Gifford, Jeremy Lent, Indra Adnan, Phoebe Tickell, Amanda Ravenhill, Zaid Hassan, Sacha Stone and Mallence Bart-Williams. Details coming soon.

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* Excerpts from these live video conversations will be edited together for some special episodes to start Series Four. The whole conversations will be available to anyone who registers to that particular event, and also to all members of Presence Collective. 

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