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E94 – Honouring Transitions // A tribute to my father

Honouring Transitions - The Future Is Beautiful
“We can be courageous enough to meet these moments of transition with presence. To let ourselves be transformed in relationship to that which is dying and being reborn within and around us. To trust in the wild unfolding. To find the beauty in being here.” Amisha Ghadiali

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Listen to the conversation:

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About this interview:

How can we be present to the challenging transitions that we experience in life?
In this episode Amisha shares a tribute to the life of her father, and explores death, grief and karma. She shares some of the ways he influenced her and the power in these profound moments. In the second part there is an expansive meditation practice on The Art of Deep Listening. We can only listen to others in relation to the ability we have cultivated to listen to ourselves. As we find ourselves here in this great transition that 2020 is offering to us, how can we find presence, grace and allow ourselves to be transformed by life itself?
Amisha shared “Yesterday my beloved father Dr Himanshu Ghadiali, left his body – in his own bed and the company of my mother, my brother and myself. He was a beautiful and intense man. Fearless and resilient. Adventurous, courageous, wise and deep. A true visionary healer – living in a world that wasn’t quite ready for all that he had to offer, which breaks my heart at times. When I scan all the things he did in his life (that I know about) – it blows my mind. He forged his own revolutionary path. He was the first six foot tall brown man to go to many places where no other Indian man had gone before. He had such strong intuition and could offer support to many through his Jainism, Jungian analysis and psychiatric training – through the beauty of his soul and the brightness of his mind. Not to mention his amazing cooking and generosity. This past week has been incredibly humbling, and I am so grateful for all that my dad has taught me and the ways he challenged me even if I didn’t appreciate it at the time. He inspired me in so many ways, some I have only just realised. I wanted to interview him for my podcast and never found the moment. I wish I could share his wisdom with you in this way. So you could hear his voice and feel his transmission. Instead I will share his essence through my own work and make him proud. This love is unbound.” 

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