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The Future i choose….

  • 5FEA3337-5296-4BA1-879D-4FC89A9D8977

    E82 – Tara Judelle on Embodied Flow, Transformational Yoga and The BodyMind // Stepping into Flow as Meditation in Action

    “The language of the body is the music of the universe. If I am able to resource me and...

  • Libby James – The Futures Interview

    ?!X: What’s the Future You Choose? LJ: A bright one.  Where people placed the importance of unity over individuality, the...

  • Joao%20Machado

    João Machado – The Futures Interview

      João Machado is a young graphic designer with a particular interest in book design. His academic and professional...

  • Evie Stretch – The Futures Interview

    ?!X: What’s the Future You Choose? ES: The Future I choose is one where people understand the depth behind...

  • Annegret Affolderbach – The Futures Interview

    Designer & Founder of CHOOLIPS, Annegret Affolderbach is a fashion entrepreneur with wide-reaching vision. Annegret moved from East Germany to...

  • Pamela Mclean – The Futures Interview

    Pamela McLean  is based in the UK. She introduces people and helps them do useful stuff, much of it...

  • Rachel Saw – The Futures Interview

    Rachel Saw is a working mom of 2 and feels blessed.  She has a loving, happy and healthy (immediate and...

  • IdaB

    Ida Burchadi – The Futures Interview

    Ida’s passion is designing for people. The projects she have been most proud of being part of, are the...

  • kate-andrews-bw

    Kate Andrews – The Futures Interview

    Kate Andrews is a designer, writer, strategist and creative polymath, working to inspire people to live to their full...

  • JessieBaker

    Jessi Baker – The Futures Interview

    Jessi Baker is a Designer & Technologist. She conducts experiments to explore the relationship between people and emerging technologies....