If you want practices, tools and virtual community to support you through this time - we are offering a two week gift to presence collective - visit our community and support page for more details - let's uncover and share the beauty in this situation and transform fear into connection


We are creating some wonderful courses for you to dive deeper into the themes we discuss in the podcast. Our intention is to offer extra guidance to embody the wisdom shared here into your daily life.

Our first offering is “Presence Collective: For Creative, Connected and Courageous living” which is a monthly membership site to offer guidance and community for those living a spiritual and regenerative lifestyle.

Each month is a different theme with practices, tools, inspiration and community. This is a space to integrate the learnings from the podcast, where Amisha shares clear practices you can bring into your life so that you embody the beautiful future we are creating.

It is a community of care, and a community of practice – open to you from anywhere in the world.

And by joining you are also supporting us in making the show.

Each mini course is also available as a stand alone course. Themes include Presence Meditation, Rituals for Wellbeing, Eco-Grief, and Sacred Activism.

“I have been a member of Presence Collective since it began nearly 3 months ago. Honestly when I joined I didn’t really know what to expect. I wanted to give it a try as I respected and was inspired by Amisha and her guests on The Future is Beautiful podcast and wanted to dive deeper into the ideas that they offered. In fact the collective has far exceeded my hopes. There has been a deepening and expanding of my understanding of my place here in our world of interbeing. I have discovered new practices, strengthened old ones, have felt impassioned, heard and supported. There has been a lot of smiling and laughter too and a feeling of real human warmth..something I just wouldn’t have expected from an online community..it simply feels real and connected. I would really encourage anyone thinking about joining to do so and give it a try..nothing to lose and everything to gain! A big hug of gratitude to Amisha and all the rest of our community from me !” Claire.

You can sign up directly here.

Two Weeks Gifted For The Age of Corona

If you are in self-isolation, ‘lockdown’ or practicing physical social distancing; loneliness, anxiety and fear are very real possibilities that effect our immune systems and our social fabric. Especially if you are used to a fast and social lifestyle. To hold space for you in this global phenomenon, you can access all of the resources in Presence as a gift from us, so that you can use this time to learn new self-care practices, feel supported through virtual community care and transform fear into connection.

Go to this link and scroll to the bottom of the page





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