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The Beautiful Leadership Immersion

Join us on this powerful adventure of soul as we explore and embody beautiful leadership.

This is not just an online course, but an immersive experience designed to reconnect you to the very nature of the gifts of your soul, so you may create more beauty in this world.

When we started this project in 2010, we often said, we create the future by how we spend our time, money and energy. And this immersion is really an opportunity to reassess all of this – in a supportive and transformative environment. This can be integrated with Presence Leadership Mentoring over the same dates.

The themes are:

* Redefining Leadership & Worth

* Shadows, Trauma and Liberation

* Embodiment & Biohacking

* Vision, Intuition & Edgewalking

* Sacred Activism & Decolonisation

* Creativity, Cultural Futurism & Flow Consciousness

* Collaboration & Community


“The Beautiful leadership Immersion is the best investment I have made in my personal development in some time. Amisha has curated an immersion that speaks directly to your soul, ignites the light you have within yourself and that brings you great clarity about the role you are here to play in the world. Through her exceptional personal wisdom and insight, and by offering a diverse range of world class leaders to learn from, Amisha has helped me shift my perspective on myself, my community and the world and has given my the confidence to be bolder, braver and more intentional in my work and how I live my life.” Jill Williams, Business Psychologist


Open for enrolment now until 26th April.

Immersion: 26th April 2021 – 22nd July 2021

*** Full details & how to register available here.


Presence Collective

We are creating some wonderful courses for you to dive deeper into the themes we discuss in the podcast. Our intention is to offer extra guidance to embody the wisdom shared here into your daily life.

Our first offering is “Presence Collective: For Creative, Connected and Courageous living” which is a monthly membership site to offer guidance and community for those living a spiritual and regenerative lifestyle.

Each month is a different theme with practices, tools, inspiration and community. This is a space to integrate the learnings from the podcast, where Amisha shares clear practices you can bring into your life so that you embody the beautiful future we are creating.

It is a community of care, and a community of practice – open to you from anywhere in the world.

And by joining you are also supporting us in making the show and connecting to others that are embodying the themes.

Themes include Presence Meditation, Rituals for Wellbeing, Eco-Grief, Living with the Cycles of Life, Intuition, Breath as Lifeforce and Sacred Activism. When you join, you get access to all the previous themes so you have a great library of resources to explore.

“I have been a member of Presence Collective since it began nearly 3 months ago. Honestly when I joined I didn’t really know what to expect. I wanted to give it a try as I respected and was inspired by Amisha and her guests on The Future is Beautiful podcast and wanted to dive deeper into the ideas that they offered. In fact the collective has far exceeded my hopes. There has been a deepening and expanding of my understanding of my place here in our world of interbeing. I have discovered new practices, strengthened old ones, have felt impassioned, heard and supported. There has been a lot of smiling and laughter too and a feeling of real human warmth..something I just wouldn’t have expected from an online simply feels real and connected. I would really encourage anyone thinking about joining to do so and give it a try..nothing to lose and everything to gain! A big hug of gratitude to Amisha and all the rest of our community from me !” Claire, Teacher

You can sign up directly here.



Presence Leadership Mentoring

Amisha also works with a handful of people on a three month programme to support you through deep transformation.

“For the first time in my life, I can say with certainty that I am at peace with the path I am on. The work Amisha and I have done over the last 6 months has unleashed my deepest, truest self. For years, my experience of life was akin to the suffocation and paralysis of being stuck in a cocoon whilst also enjoying it’s safety. Slowly, at a pace that felt comfortable to integrate, Amisha worked through the layers of thoughts and feelings I was entrapped by, at the same time as allowing true and full expression of all my colours and the form I was born to take. My journey with Amisha has been a joy, a privilege and far beyond what I could have imagined for myself a mere few months ago. Amisha, the only way I will ever be able to give due gratitude for all that you have facilitated, is to go forth, fly and share the truest depths of my soul and spirit with all I encounter.” Ami, Social Entrepreneur

“I just finished the Leadership Mentoring Program with this passionate & radiant woman, Amisha Ghadiali. Words cannot describe the amazing experience I have had – truly. I have grown and found new parts of myself, found strength and power within I didn’t know was there. I have healed past wounds, and discovered new depths to my soul. I put in a lot of work and effort, and with her help and guidance I have grown so much. I’m so incredibly grateful I got to have this experience, and that I was able to go to India on her retreat and explore and grow even more.” Lynsey, Entrepreneur

“Since I’ve been working with Amisha, I’ve felt my heart swell each week with gratitude and wonder at how blessed I am and how much space for beauty there is as I go slower and ‘take in the view’. It’s exactly what I hoped for and it feels like home.” Faye, Financial Advisor

Enrolment is currently open to begin on 20th January – 14th April 2021 and this can be done with The Beautiful Leadership Immersion.

You can find out more about that, here.

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