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  • October 6th 2020 – The Elephant meets Amisha (sign up for this free event)
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  • We have a monthly patron video call – this is at a different time and date each month so as to reach multiple timezones. If you become a patron, whether you give £1 a month or £500 – you get to join these calls and our whats app group – so you really get to be part of a community of listeners. 


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Applications are open for Amisha Ghadiali’s presence mentoring programme. This is for you if you need support to anchor inner shifts, new patterns and ancient wisdom into your daily life. This six month leadership journey is a powerful one-to-one programme designed to assist you in creating space to show up for yourself each day and to facilitate the formation of lifelong habits that will support and nurture your inner and outer connections. The programme includes intuitive therapy, self-enquiry, and designing and committing to a daily practice that is right for you. You can take part from anywhere in the world and it’s priced to make it accessible.

For more information and to apply, visit –



What’s a patronathon you ask?? – well it’s a bit like comic relief. We entertain the masses on Facebook live for two hours in the hope we can get people to laugh/cry their way into donating.
Amisha came up with this idea whilst on a bus in India as a way to get the crowdfund moving for The Future Is Beautiful.
Why do we need support? Well, our team are working on this as a gift to the world because there are so many people challenging the dominant story we are living in – and who have ideas that can lead us to a beautiful future. The truth is, we all have! And that’s why we need inspiring and a little nudge which is what happens on the podcast.
We weave politics, spirituality, creativity and sustainability so that we can come out of our silos of thinking into a more integrated way of being.
We interview a diverse range of humans (like you). These inspiring conversations look into the darkness and difficulties of life and challenging the status quo, providing comfort and a grounded optimism.
what’s a patron?
now anybody can be a patron, you don’t need tons of cash, you can just donate anything from the price of a banana per episode to something much bigger. if enough of you do this, then we are funded by our listeners which means we can remain advertising free – and spend our time actually looking at how we can live fuller lives rather than sell you stuff you don’t need.
at the moment, amisha (host & producer) works for free, and lucy (writer) and jack (sound editor) get a very small amount for the work they do. we want to all be able to spend more time working on this and feel less squeezed!
** Become a patron –
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** Join us on facebook live 7.30-9.30pm (UK time), 11.30am (PDT), 2.30pm (EDT), 00.00 (IDT). Tues Sept 11th.
** Come to the patronathon centre (Amisha’s flat in Hackney) from 6pm for a curry before we go live. Bring instruments, poems, and what not. (Friends and lovers welcome too). It’s a very late birthday celebration for Amisha too.
We will act out being on the phone lines, share live updates of donations coming in, and do some stories of the sad children deprived of this kind of culture and information. (RSVP or message Amisha for address)


Alchemy & Activism –turn your wounds into something beautiful // Sunday September 2nd at Fitzrovia Chapel, London

How lucky are we to be alive in the 21st Century?  

We have access to all the greatest, most magical, potent spiritual practices and teachings from across time and space. And in the last century, we have had incredible knowledge literally pouring into every orifice from schools of Western psychology and the human sciences.

Our biggest challenge now is this:

How can we take this kaleidoscope of wisdom and knowledge, and use it in a practical, playful and grounded way to build a more beautiful future?

How can we alchemise our individual and collective wounds into the gold of compassionate action?


We feel this is a pretty important question in a world obsessed with SELF-help. We want to build a sturdy, inspiring bridge between ‘self’ and ‘other’.

We want to move from blame culture to empowered, creative, and hopeful action. We want to transform our grief and shame at the state of the world into a super-inspiring, practical vision.

We want to move beyond spiritual bypassing, narcissism, tourism and materialism – and instead really embody our values, starting with the community we find ourself in.

This is not easy work, it’s the road less travelled. If you are looking for escapism, this isn’t for you. We ain’t getting high. But we are showing up with rolled up sleeves and a sense of humour as we unlearn what we think we know and explore these questions together.

‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.’ (Hopi Elders)


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