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The Futures Interview

Take Part in The Futures Interviews

Thank you for visiting us here. We would love for you to take part in our Futures Interview series where we are asking what we think are some of the most important questions that each one of us can answer. 

The Questions:

  • What is the FUTURE that you choose? Your Future is the world that you want to live in.
  • What’s a ‘THINK ?’ to create this future? Your ‘think’ is something that has informed or inspired the future that you choose.
  • What’s an ‘ACT !’ to create this future? Your ‘act’ is something that we can all do to help create the future that you choose.
  • What’s a ‘VOTE X’ to create this future? Your ‘vote’ is a pledge of support to something that you believe is creating the future that you choose.
  • Future Soundtrack – What song will you take with you into the future? We know, it’s an impossible to pick just one! But we add your song to our playlist..
  • What are your five all time favourite weblinks? With so much to see and do, add your links to our directory of what you think is the most interesting & inspiring on the web.

You might need some time to think about what you want to share, or you might just know. For some inspiration (and because they are packed full of gems and wisdom) – you can read our latest Futures Interviews.

We will be adding soon an online form where you can share your answers. Please sign up for updates to be alerted of when.