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“Search what is good and strong and beautiful in your society and elaborate from there. Push outward. Always create from what you already have. Then you will know what to do” 

Michel Foucault

So here is the thing, we find ourselves in an ever complex world – perhaps it was always complex, but now we are aware of things happening all over the world in any moment. Our lives are interwoven and the pressures to be successful, happy and look good whilst we do it are immense.

In many ways, it feels like with the challenges we face such as climate change and poverty, that the future is f***ed. And yet despite that, there are so many incredible people who are working on solutions in different ways that really could lead us to a beautiful future.

Our book The Future Is Beautiful shows each one of us that we are creating the future. It speaks to the activist in all of us and opens up the question – How will you create beauty in the world?

Our podcast goes deeper where Amisha Ghadiali (who initiated this project) interviews people whose work and lives are challenging the dominant story. The conversations are long, authentic and unedited. They explore the weave between politics, spirituality, sustainability and creativity – so we can come out of our silos – and bring more of who we are to our lives. These inspiring conversations also look into the darkness and difficulties of life and challenging the status quo, providing comfort and a grounded optimism.

Our time here is precious. It’s easy to forget. When we connect to our hearts and minds, and what unites us, our innate goodness and beauty, we find so much possibility, so much opportunity. This is the revolution. It’s happening right now. It’s to be found in the day to day moments of our lives. When we encounter it we feel more alive. You don’t have to be anything that you are not already. Find your voice. Speak your truth. Embody your values.

This all started as a project called Think Act Vote in 2010. You can read the full story on that here, how we made this book, and this podcast.

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