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Posts tagged with ‘Amisha Ghadiali’

  • Photo on 2011-03-25 at 17.05 #2

    Hanna Thomas – The Futures Interview

    Hanna Thomas is the Lead Organiser for the East London Green Jobs Alliance, a coalition of trade unions, NGOs,...

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    Dina Yunis – The Futures Interview

    Dina Yunis  is part of the ?!X team working with us on our Futures Interview Series and our up-coming book. ...

  • Gareth Barnes

    Gareth Barnes – The Futures Interview

    Gareth Barnes is a freelance illustrator who was born and ‘educated’ in New Zealand and is currently based in London. For...

  • rubi anwar

    Rubi Anwar – The Futures Interview

    Currently an Advertising Design student, Rubi  is hoping to go into the world of Advertising after she graduates. Overall...

  • 2006 Sept Jeremy, UN Plane2, Sudan, Photographer Matt Wolff

    Jeremy Gilley – The Futures Interview

    After a successful career acting in film and television, Jeremy Gilley began making his own films in 1995 and...

  • joanna lemos

    Joana Casaca Lemos – The Futures Interview

    Joana Casaca Lemos is a Communication Designer, Creative Thinker and Wandering Soul, living in between Lisbon and London.   She is a...

  • kirstie battson

    Kirstie Battson – The Futures Interview

    Kirstie Battson is a recent graduate from Bath School of Art & Design, where she studied Graphic Communication and...

  • Karis McLarty

    Karis McLarty – The Futures Interview

    Karis McLarty is a senior lawyer for the British Medical Association. She is also the lead singer of the...

  • jo cheung

    Jo Cheung – The Futures Interview

    Jo Cheung is a freelance illustrator currently living and working in London. She moved down to London to study...

  • Noel Hatch

    Noel Hatch – The Futures Interview

    Noel Hatch, amongst other things, is Co-Chair of the Cooperative of the Transeuropa Network, bringing together young people from...