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Posts tagged with ‘Choolips’

  • Annegret Affolderbach - The Future Is Beautiful

    E2 – Annegret Affolderbach on Sustainable Fashion, Change-Making & The Berlin Wall // Forging new forms in the heart of luxury

    “I remember everything about what it felt like growing up in that place. I have become more aware of...

  • Annegret Affolderbach – The Futures Interview

    Designer & Founder of CHOOLIPS, Annegret Affolderbach is a fashion entrepreneur with wide-reaching vision. Annegret moved from East Germany to...

  • Joanna Maiden_head shot

    Joanna Maiden – The Futures Interview

    Joanna Maiden is the Founder and Managing Director of SOKO, a clothing manufacturing unit for the export market set...