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Posts tagged with ‘Design’

  • Michelle Lowe-Holder - The Future Is Beautiful

    E56 – Michelle Lowe-Holder on On Art, Repurposing and Waste // No laughing matter: art from the gutter

    “We need to start changing our mindset about waste in general – how we can repurpose, how we can...

  • Anna Murray - The Future Is Beautiful

    E54 – Anna Murray on Pattern, Cycles and Balance // The positive power of pattern

    “Honouring cycles in every part of our lives is so healing because it speaks to our universal connectedness to...

  • JessieBaker

    Jessi Baker – The Futures Interview

    Jessi Baker is a Designer & Technologist. She conducts experiments to explore the relationship between people and emerging technologies....

  • Here Today, Here Tomorrow – The Futures Interview

    HERE TODAY HERE TOMORROW is a collaborative and experimental shop/studio that is used to make, showcase and sell sustainable fashion and accessories. Our...


    Week 4: 2012 // Futures Illustration – Green. Not just a colour.

    Throughout 2012 we are sharing an illustration with you every week to help you to re-imagine the future that...