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Posts tagged with ‘ethical fashion’

  • Michelle Lowe-Holder - The Future Is Beautiful

    E56 – Michelle Lowe-Holder on On Art, Repurposing and Waste // No laughing matter: art from the gutter

    “We need to start changing our mindset about waste in general – how we can repurpose, how we can...

  • Safia Minney - The Future Is Beautiful

    E50 – Safia Minney on Modern Slavery, Ethical Fashion and Sustainability // Slaves to fashion: a voice for the voiceless

    “We all have a disquieting feeling when we can calculate that the price of something doesn’t cover a living...

  • Amisha Ghadiali - The Future Is Beautiful

    E46 – Amisha Ghadiali on Courage, Receptivity and Elegant Rebellion // Understanding the beauty of our worlds

    “We can’t create a beautiful future by bypassing everything we don’t like and creating a fake utopia that sits...

  • Amisha Ghadiali - Think Act Vote

    Amisha Ghadiali – The Futures Interview

    Amisha Ghadiali discovered the reality of our global fashion industry whilst setting up her jewellery label. This put her on a...

  • sarah ditty

    Sarah Ditty – The Futures Interview

        Sarah Ditty is a freelance ethical fashion writer and founder of popular ethical fashion blog Launderette. She...

  • Kestrel_Jenkins

    Kestrel Jenkins – The Futures Interview

        Kestrel Lee Jenkins is a globetrotter with a small-town Wisconsin spirit. She loves words and garments, and...

  • Ethical Fashion in the Age of Austerity

    Last month, we were invited to attend the V & A Museum of Childhood for their event, put on...

  • livia and lucy

    Noi Collective Share The Future They Choose

    Ethical Fashion has been making the news as the Green Carpet Challenge (Livia’s husband Colin won just a few...

  • Arcola Theatre: The Future I Choose

    Back in June, Arcola Theatre hosted a Green Sunday on Ethical Fashion, featuring some interesting discussions, an ethical fashion marketplace, make...

  • Think Act Vote Refashioned

    Think Act Vote Refashioned caused a storm in the press with features including  Marie Claire, Treehugger and Ecouterre. You may...