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Posts tagged with ‘future’

  • amisha-ghadiali-the-future-is-beautiful-portrait

    E143 – Weaving Beauty // A New Name For These Times

    “Beauty is a soulful way of being in the world where we are able to feel into meaning, possibility...

  • Co-creating the new-normal

    E90 – Co-Creating A New-Normal // Emerging into this Now

    “We will not go back to normal. Normal never was. Our pre-corona existence was not normal other than we...

  • Daniela Plattner - The Future Is Beautiful

    E52 – Daniela Plattner on Embodiment, Movement and Integration // Moving into our future potential

    “When I have the biggest challenges I put them on the dancefloor… and a lot is revealed.” ~ Daniela...

  • Justin Faerman - The Future Is Beautiful

    E49 – Justin Faerman on Flow Consciousness, Intuition and Effortlessness // Finding our way to flow consciousness… and staying there.

    “ If you can train yourself to perceive the world in a certain way, you can basically lock yourself...

  • Jo Hunter

    E48 – Jo Hunter on Creativity, Shame and Connection // 64 million artists: unlocking the creative potential of a nation

    “Creativity is the essence of who you are, it’s absolutely connected to spirituality and the true expression of yourself....

  • Here Today, Here Tomorrow – The Futures Interview

    HERE TODAY HERE TOMORROW is a collaborative and experimental shop/studio that is used to make, showcase and sell sustainable fashion and accessories. Our...

  • Laura Frame – The Futures Interview

        Laura  ?!X: What’s the Future You Choose? LF: I choose a transparent future where people cannot turn a...