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Posts tagged with ‘meditation’

  • James Hanusa - The Future Is Beautiful

    E9 – James Hanusa on Blockchain, Burning Man & Consciousness // Creating new worlds at the frontiers of technology and human potential

    “The questions about reality are going to become deeper and deeper as these technologies are adopted more and our...

  • Sally Kempton - The Future Is Beautiful

    E8 – Sally Kempton on Meditation, Authenticity & The Goddess // Awakening the true blueprint within

    “Learning to walk humbly on the cusp of what needs to be done and what we are capable and...

  • lynne-franks

    Lynne Franks – The Futures Interview

    The legendary Lynne Franks is a business woman, author, broadcaster and speaker. She is described by the world’s media as a lifestyle...

  • TedSkydiving

    Ted Gonder – The Futures Interview

    Ted Gonder is a social entrepreneur, health nut, and student at the University of Chicago. Besides finishing his college...