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Posts tagged with ‘peace’

  • Justine Huxley - The Future Is Beautiful podcast

    E66 – Justine Huxley on Interbeing, Deep Adaptation and Regeneration // Deepening darkness and the regenerative spark: holding the wholeness

    “This evolutionary doorway that we have the potential to step through is about interbeing, and that means not separating...

  • Satish Kumar - The Future Is Beautiful

    E7 – Satish Kumar on Jainism, Economy & Ecology // Soil, Soul and Society: A new trinity for our time

    “Become the CEO of your own life… Earn less money, have more time. Consume less, buy less, have less...

  • Zerbanoo Gifford - The Future Is Beautiful

    E6 – Zerbanoo Gifford on Politics, Beauty & Karma // Riding chariots into battle and building paradise gardens

    “We can transform the world by transforming ourselves and being there as an example to other people so they...

  • Petronella Tyson

    Petronella Tyson – The Futures Interview

    Petronella Tyson is currently studying for an MSc in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability in Sweden. She is interested in designing sustainable systems...

  • Alex Smith – The Futures Interview

    ?!X: What’s the Future You Choose? AS: “The future I choose is a  world in which we’re all happy...

  • Laura Anderson – The Futures Interview

    Laura Ellen Anderson is a freelance Children’s book author and illustrator, represented by UK illustration Agency Pickled ink. Since...