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Posts tagged with ‘Sustainable Fashion’

  • Amisha Ghadiali - The Future Is Beautiful

    E46 – Amisha Ghadiali on Courage, Receptivity and Elegant Rebellion // Understanding the beauty of our worlds

    “We can’t create a beautiful future by bypassing everything we don’t like and creating a fake utopia that sits...

  • Annegret Affolderbach - The Future Is Beautiful

    E2 – Annegret Affolderbach on Sustainable Fashion, Change-Making & The Berlin Wall // Forging new forms in the heart of luxury

    “I remember everything about what it felt like growing up in that place. I have become more aware of...

  • Annegret Affolderbach – The Futures Interview

    Designer & Founder of CHOOLIPS, Annegret Affolderbach is a fashion entrepreneur with wide-reaching vision. Annegret moved from East Germany to...

  • Here Today, Here Tomorrow – The Futures Interview

    HERE TODAY HERE TOMORROW is a collaborative and experimental shop/studio that is used to make, showcase and sell sustainable fashion and accessories. Our...

  • Lucy_Harvey_portrait

    Lucy Harvey – The Futures Interview

    Lucy Harvey has worked as a freelance stylist for 10 years. She is also an associate lecture on the...

  • Kestrel_Jenkins

    Kestrel Jenkins – The Futures Interview

        Kestrel Lee Jenkins is a globetrotter with a small-town Wisconsin spirit. She loves words and garments, and...

  • imgres-2

    Jeff Garner – The Futures Interview

    Romantic visual artist, pioneer, and unconventional designer Jeff Garner and his sustainable, organic label Prophetik are on a path of...