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Posts tagged with ‘Think Act Vote’

  • Emily Wilkie

    Emily Wilkie – The Futures Interview

     Emily Wilkie is currently working as a project coordinator for Your Square Mile, a not for profit organisation set up to...

  • meredith

    Meredith Hines – The Futures Interview

    Meredith Hines MA is a Los Angeles based psychotherapist, yoga and meditation teacher, and work in progress. Meredith sees...

  • Ikram Moundib – The Futures Interview

    Introducing another member of our team, Ikram joins us as a Creative Activist from Paris. Ikram Moundib is a 25...

  • Lenka Krepelkova – The Futures Interview

     Born in the Czech Republic, Lenka studied Art and Fashion Design when growing up, but due to a lack...

  • Iram Ramzan

    Iram Ramzan – The Futures Interview

    Joining our team as a Creative Activist from Manchester is Iram Ramzan – here she takes part in our...

  • mts

    Maria Teresa Sette – The Futures Interview

    Introducing another of our creative activists, Maria who has just joined the ?!X team as a writer and volunteer....

  • Pete

    Pete Yeo – The Futures Interview

    Rooted in North Devon, Pete Yeo has branched out to become a philanthropist and networker for a more generous...

  • Christian_300x300

    Christian Flores-Carignan – The Futures Interview

    We are currently building a team of creative activists from all over the world, and our newest addition is Christian Flores-Carignan, based...

  • Dan Snow

    Dan Snow – The Futures Interview

    Today we are delighted to be joined by Historian Dan Snow. The TV presenter and Author known as the...

  • P1107121740394

    Lina Jovaisaite – The Futures Interview

    Lina Jovaisaite is the latest volunteer to join the ?!X team. We thought it would be great for you...