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Posts tagged with ‘Think Act Vote’

  • It’s Voting Time for the UK Referendum – Have your Say on the 5th May!

    As you know at Think, Act, Vote we think that voting is much more than just voting in elections....

  • Think Act Vote TOMS?

    So yesterday was TOMS One Day Without Shoes, you might remember last year we did a special Barefoot Walk....

  • TAV-forum-for-the-future

    Can creative industries lead us to a sustainable future? ?!X named as Exemplary

    This month Forum for the Future published a snapshot of current creative industry activities on sustainability, asking the question “Can Creative...

  • Shape What’s To Come

    This week Levis launched a new network and community ‘Shape What’s to Come‘, where Millennial women around the world...

  • Think Act Vote on our Logo!

    As you know the Think Act Vote logo was developed through our t-shirt design competition. We choose different colours...

  • September Round-up

    Sorry we were quiet through September here on the site. We were busy doing our thing out and about...

  • The Future I Choose Ballot Cards

    Claim Your Future

    We have been doing lots of events where you can fill in one of our special ballot cards with...

  • The Future I Choose Poetry Competition

    At The Future I Choose party the night before the election, we announced the winner of our poetry competition...

  • Fashioning The Future Talk at Vintage at Goodwood

    Fashioning The Future – Leonora Oppenheim interviews Amisha Ghadiali about ethical fashion and creative activism. Saturday 14th August, 5pm, Talk...

  • RichMix Live 2010

    RichMix is london’s innovative cross-arts centre, it prides itself on being passionate about ‘diversity, arts, creativity and inclusivity’.  Located...